Patient Palliative Prediction Model Simulation

JHMI Department of Radiation Oncology

Please review the de-identified patient cases sent to your JHBox folder and complete the following questions for each case. Information not included in specific cases was either not available, not applicable, or omitted for brevity.

Recall that there may be no best answer or multiple appropriates answers for some or all of the questions; please answer according to your current clinical knowledge and practice. Do not use any supplemental resources while completing this phase of the assessment.

Even when a given intervention is technically feasible or seemingly indicated on the basis of symptoms or radiologic features of a bone lesion, other clinical factors may direct the decision to pursue this intervention. For this study, "appropriate for a given clinical scenario" means that the patient would not be excluded from the intervention on the basis of patient or disease features described or implied in the case presentation.

*NOTE: Symptoms associated with each metastatic site include localized pain unless otherwise noted. Assume all spinal canal and neuroforaminal impingement is tumor related, and that the term covers a range of severity.